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Inspirations Update 2019

Throughout the years, we’ve brought you stories of inspiring people who have gone beyond disabilities and limitations to demonstrate the power of positive thinking.  Let’s catch up with some of them!

REGGIE SHOWERS –  (Nov. 2016 Inspiration)

Pro Stock Bike rider Reggie Showers

At the age of 14, due to a power line accident which surged 13,000 volts of electricity through his young body, doctors had to graft skin onto his third degree burned arms and cut off both his legs below the knee. To Reggie, this was just another challenge.   He became a world renown motorcycle racer, winning the  prestigious race; the Indianapolis U.S. Nationals in 2003.  He’s run marathons and trekked across Africa on a National Geographic expedition.

Unstoppable, Reggie has become a motivator and educator, travelling around the world.  His vision is to travel the world, meet people living with disabilities or challenges and share their stories.  “We can all learn from one another.”  In 2018 he spent over 220 hours flying on 87 different aircraft and flew enough miles to circle the world 4 times!

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Athletes with Disabilities Network – Northeast Chapter – Inspiring Mission


ATHLETES WITH DISABILITIES NETWORK NORTHEAST CHAPTER is dedicated to creating awareness and offering mentoring and opportunities for local athletic, recreational and education activities for those with physical disabilities, especially for veterans and first responders.


“There’s No Replacement for Competitive Spirit”

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2018 NYC Marathon – Inspiring Athletes

US Athletes With Disabilities showed their strengths at the 2018 NYC Marathon on November 4th. For those not familiar with the race, or the entry process, AWD (Athletes With Disabilities) is a non-guaranteed entry unless you meet specific eligibility requirements such as being a member of the NY Road Runners Club and Achilles International or part of a team such as Team CAF (Challenged Athlete Foundation).

This years athletes included  Daniel Romanchuk, born with spina bifida and finding his strengths in athletics. Daniel made history in the men’s wheelchair race by not only being the youngest ever  (20 years old) winner in the men’s wheelchair division history, but by also being the first American ever to claim the men’s wheelchair division title.

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Joshua Piperato – 11 year old Athlete, Amputee and Inspiration

(Photo: Jim Haque –

Jumping on a family trampoline seemed like innocent fun for Josh Piperato back in March of 2014 – until his leg got caught.  Initially diagnosed by ER docs at a local hospital as a sprained ankle, the pain rapidly became disproportionately severe and he developed a fever that reached 108 degrees.  Back to the hospital,  the next diagnosis was compartment syndrome – a painful condition that occurs when pressure within the muscles, such as from bleeding within the muscle,  builds to dangerous levels. This pressure can decrease blood flow, which prevents nourishment and oxygen from reaching nerve and muscle cells. If not treated within 6 hours, permanent muscle and/or nerve damage can occur.

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Gianna Rojas – Inspiring Adaptive Golfer

Gianna Rojas was born in 1962 in Bath, Maine and soon discovered life presented her with challenges. She was born without fingers on her left hand, into a military family which relocated every few years. She had to learn how to build rapport and new friendships with the other kids very quickly and her outgoing personality was a big plus. Unfortunately, however, having one hand often made her the target of school bullies. Once, she was even pushed into her locker at school and trapped in it for 3 hours. Events like that helped to build her strong, empathetic character. She dedicates herself to helping those facing similar challenges.

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