What’s New at Sunshine

OWLS Program for Diabetic Wound Care with Offloading Orthoses


The newest technology to complement ongoing wound therapies and post-operative care, stabilizing and supporting the foot and ankle. LEARN MORE



WillowWood One System

New socket system for transfemoral/transtibial amputees which can be controlled from iPhone or iPad. LEARN MORE




NEW prosthetic covers




Fitted here at Sunshine P&O – woodgrain and metal finish.  LEARN MORE about available prosthetic covers

We now have designer fairings (removable prosthetic covers) by Alleles Design Studio.  So many styles, colors and customizable designs! 3D printed and lightweight.



Ottobock C-leg 4 with Microprocessor Knee

. C-Leg 4 Above Knee Prosthetic Leg with Microprocessor Knee - at Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, Wayne, NJ

Real-time adjustments driven by 3D motion analysis. C-Leg 4 is weatherproof, can be controlled with the smartphone Cockpit app, and makes walking backward, dancing, hiking, standing or strolling easier and smoother. LEARN MORE



i-Limb Digits.

Cutting vegetables using i-limb Digits

One to five missing fingers can be replaced with one of  individually powered prosthetic digits. These digits, which move independently and bend at the joints, work in conjunction with any remaining fingers to help you increase your functional capabilities. LEARN MORE