Ankle Foot Orthosis
“I am so happy I have come to you.  Everything was very easy to put on.  I’m 110% happy with coming to you.  I am going to make sure I pass your name and business around!  I just could not stop bragging about you and your company.  You are the BEST!  Thank you again.”  Patient “V.B.”

“Very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.  Knowledgeable staff and Brooke is eager and willing to help any time.  She made it very clear…if you have a problem, she will be there to help!”  Patient “A.B.”

“Very satisfied with the service I received.  My orthotic is comfortable and I am functioning very well!  I am very satisfied overall!”  Patient “R.A.”

Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics Testimonials

Above-Knee Prosthesis
“Brooke Artesi has been caring for me since 2009.  She knows how to handle any problem you may be having.  It is a pleasure when a patient who is so dependent upon their Prosthetist is able to make sure that they treat you in a kindly manner and let you know they care about you.  It was as if “Mother Teresa” was my Prosthetist.  She came to my home because she knew my husband was unaable to take me to her office due to health problems.”  Patient “D.M.”

Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics Testimonials

Knee Brace
“Everyone in the office was professional, friendly and courteous. Brooke is a compassionate and extremely knowledgeable orthotist.   I would highly recommend Sunshine to anyone who needs this service.”  Patient “A.D.”

Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics Testimonials

Below Knee Prosthesis
“Sunshine has put a bright light on me!  They gave me hope and confidence.  Thank you.   Brooke, Rich and Office Staff make you feel so comfortable.  They are great!”  Patient “P.B.”