Pediatric Shoe Insert Orthotics



DAFO has a line of shoe inserts specifically for children with varying degrees of tone pronation and insert needs.  We will make sure the fit is ideal for your child.

  • DAFO PattiBob child's shoe insert for patients with mild low tone pronation with arch collapse and slight heel eversion - Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, NJ
    DAFO PattiBob child's shoe insert for patients with mild low tone pronation with arch collapse and slight heel eversion

Levy & Rapell

Inserts can be customized for your child’s needs.


  • Levy Rappel Pro Walker Bio-Step - Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, Wayne, NJ
“L&R”™ Pro-Walker Bio-Step design combines the comfort and shock absorption of PPT and the control of a thermoplastic device to provide relief for most common foot ailments. The Bio-Step is ideal for those who are a heavier and more active patient.
“L&R”™ Perfect-Step has a combination of multiple shock absorbing layers with the support of a semi-flexible thermoplastic shell, making this device ideal for everyday activities.
Both will be custom fitted for your feet by Sunshine P&O.



  • Functional Levy and Rappel Carboblast Orthotics - Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, Wayne, NJ
“L&R”™ Ortholen is fabricated from an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This semi-rigid material offers exceptional durability, and can be fabricated to fill prescriptions for many different styles of orthosis. The “L&R”™ Ortholen fits into all traditional footwear. Additional stability and rearfoot control are easily achieved with this thermoplastic orthosis. Various top cover options and accommodations are available.
“L&R”™ Carboplast is a durable, ultra-thin, super lightweight material and can be fabricated in either flexible, semi-rigid or rigid compositions without sacrificing its thin profile.  Top cover options and accommodations are also available.




  • Bio-Sport Graphite
“L&R”™ Bio-Sport Graphite is constructed from carbon graphite composite, offers the maximum in control in a lightweight material. This rigid device provides superior support and shock absorption for the most active athlete.
“L&R”™ Bio-Sport Ortholen is  constructed from a special derivative of Polyethylene, offer excellent control for biomechanical instabilities. This semi-rigid orthosis can handle optimum stress loads while maintaining proper shape and support. The Bio-Sport Ortholen is often prescribed for very active athletes when stability is essential. The Bio-Sport top cover creates a friction-free surface minimizing shear forces. Accommodations and top cover options are available to meet the demands of all sporting activities.



  • Levy Rappel Cork Mold Orthotic - Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, Wayne NJ
    Cork Mold
“L&R”™EVA Mold is uniquely molded to produce a total contact orthosis that offers a combination of shock absorption and durability. The Traditional Accommodative EVA Mold cushions the foot and is very light in weight, making it a popular choice for patients suffering from arthritis. The orthosis adapts very easily to modifications customized for you by Sunshine P&O, and will comfort the hyper-sensitive foot.
“L&R”™ Plasta Mold  is the original total contact Plastazote® mold, designed to protect the diabetic foot. The combination of a rigid Plastazote® base and firm Plastazote® top cover offers the patient support, balance, and accommodation. This traditional orthosis enables diabetic patients, including those who suffer from plantar ulcerations, diabetic foot pathology and peripheral vascular disease, to ambulate comfortably.
 Sunshine P&O will modify this orthotic to fit your child’s feet perfectly.
“L&R”™ Cork Mold is an orthosis that offers good shock absorption while providing longitudinal arch support. The Traditional Accommodative Cork Mold, with its deep heel cup design, stabilizes the rearfoot. This total-contact orthosis can accommodate forefoot deformities.  These orthosis are available with a variety of top covers or accommodations, and can be customized for your child by Sunshine P&O.