“All of us, no matter our circumstances, have a right to feel and experience joy.”

marsha danzig color me yoga founder

Marsha Danzig, founder of Color Me Yoga and Yoga for Amputees

This is the guiding belief of Marsha Danzig and it has led her into the creation of yoga for kids programs (Color Me Yoga) which she also teaches to others so that they may work with children, especially children with special needs. Her workshops are known not only nationally, but internationally as well due to their on-line availability.
Facing personal hardships such as a below the knee amputation at age 13 due to cancer and chemotherapy-caused kidney damage and eventual transplant, yoga became her bridge to connecting her physical and spiritual self and reach out to others who need to discover and reach their potential.

“A big part of my teaching is around working with your own individual, unique circumstances. I especially want to reach ‘invisible kids,’ the ones on the fringes who feel devalued or have physical, emotional or mental challenges.”

marsha danzig 3

Marsha Danzig Yoga for Amputees class


That goal became the basis of her work with kids and yoga and led to her recently published Fierce Joy, the inspirational story of her life. She is a survivor who understands the importance of finding your strength within, through persistence and vision and claiming your right to happiness.

Her latest work is a Yoga for Amputees program, designed to help amputees discover and practice yoga.

Marsha Danzig is a yoga instructor, trainer, dancer, choreographer.
Marsha Danzig is an inspiration.

To learn more about Color Me Yoga, visit Marsha’s website: ColorMeYoga.com
Her new website for Yoga for Amputees will be coming this September. On Facebook: facebook.com/yogaforamputees

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