Inspirations Update 2019

Throughout the years, we’ve brought you stories of inspiring people who have gone beyond disabilities and limitations to demonstrate the power of positive thinking.  Let’s catch up with some of them!

REGGIE SHOWERS –  (Nov. 2016 Inspiration)

Pro Stock Bike rider Reggie Showers

At the age of 14, due to a power line accident which surged 13,000 volts of electricity through his young body, doctors had to graft skin onto his third degree burned arms and cut off both his legs below the knee. To Reggie, this was just another challenge.   He became a world renown motorcycle racer, winning the  prestigious race; the Indianapolis U.S. Nationals in 2003.  He’s run marathons and trekked across Africa on a National Geographic expedition.

Unstoppable, Reggie has become a motivator and educator, travelling around the world.  His vision is to travel the world, meet people living with disabilities or challenges and share their stories.  “We can all learn from one another.”  In 2018 he spent over 220 hours flying on 87 different aircraft and flew enough miles to circle the world 4 times!

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