UPDATE: Brian Reynolds – Runner, Hiker, Fundraiser – Bilateral Amputee

Brian-Reynolds-Tanzania-Australia-2013-Sunshine-Prosthetics-and-Orthotics-wayne-njLast August we blogged about Brian Reynolds, a bilateral amputee since the age of 4, due to meningococcemia. He grew up with a drive to constantly exceed his last accomplishment – an avid endurance hiker, mountain climber and runner and strong charity fundraiser. (read that post here)
“I feel like I am flying when I am out on the roads or trails, every time I pull on my running legs is a reminder of what I never thought I could do. It is and it exhilarating and it provides a challenge every time, not only is it a physical sport it is a mental one. You have to be able to push through physical barriers and mental to achieve your best and I really like this dynamic.”

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