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Events and Activities make the total Abilities experience

Want to add an exciting new activity to your life? Abilities Expo showcases a wide range of special events that not only entertain, they also give you the opportunity to test your own skill, expand your interests and find out how you can become involved in your local area.

  • Try a variety of different adaptive sports
  • Discover how assistance dogs can support you
  • Break out your dancing wheels
  • Transform your face at the face painters

There’s a lot going on at Abilities Expo! Be sure to also check out the Free Workshops.

Here’s a few of the events we have planned. More will be added so check back for details!

* PLEASE NOTE dates and times of events are subject to change without notice. Abilities Expo is not responsible for the materials or opinions of the speakers.

Assistive Technology Showcase: Interact with Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Sponsored by the New Jersey Assistive Technology Center

The Abilities Expo AT Showcase, sponsored by the New Jersey Assistive Technology Center, is your chance to explore how assistive technology can help you or your loved ones bridge the gap between ability and disability! The Showcase will feature an array of assistive technology for people of all disabilities to experience hands-on. In addition, the RESNA-certified staff will offer suggestions and share their extensive knowledge to help determine the most appropriate technology match for your abilities and situations. See a complete list of featured technology by clicking here.

Hand Cycling

Presented by Invacare Top End

Hand cycling is a form of adaptive cycling that enables athletes of all abilities to ride a “bike” exclusively using the upper body. Unlike many other adaptive sports handcycling works to create integrated cycling opportunities for wheelchair users and athletes with lower-mobility impairments. Enjoy this opportunity to try a hand cycle for yourself! Friday’s session will specifically focus on what clinicians need to know to confidently prescribe the right handcycle for their patients and Sat. and Sunday will be targeted to consumers of all levels from beginner to elite levels. Learn more at

Manual Wheelchair Skills for Everyone

Presented by Empower Spinal Cord Injury

What is your favorite way to hop a curb? What tricks do you use to get yourself off the ground? Never sat in a manual wheelchair and have always wanted to try a wheelie? Stop by the Empower SCI table at the expo and we will help you brush up on old skills and learn new skills from others. The booth will be staffed with both manual wheelchair-users and able-bodied staff to offer education and opportunities to learn new wheelchair skills. Skills will include curb-hopping, fall recovery, wheelie management, wheelchair maintenance, and challenging transfers. Open to both wheelchair-users and able-bodied individuals, there will be several wheelchairs present for able-bodied individuals to try out these skills. Visit us for a personal “Learn New Skills” time where you can spend 15 dedicated minutes getting one-on-one assistance with a skill you’d like to master. Based on availability. Attendees can reserve specific times at the booth. Learn more at