Sunshine Amputee-Adaptive Hike – June 24, 2018

Hiking is a challenging and rewarding sport for everyone – yes, EVERYONE!  Brooke Artesi, CPO/LPO and owner of Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, is an avid hiker.  She has organized and designed these Amputee/Adaptive Hikes for amputees and others with assistive devices to introduce the fun and benefits of hiking as well as to challenge and enrich lives.

The first hike of this season will be on June 24th and will be headed up by world renown athlete Reggie Showers.  Reggie has been a double amputee since the age of 14 and his can-do spirit had led him to World Championships in Motorcycle Drag Racing, Mountain climbing around the world, trekking across Africa with a National Geographic team and becoming a powerful Motivational Speaker and Mentor.

Space is limited so reservations must be made by June 9th to
Every registrant will get a swag bag and invite to a meetup at the Blu Ale House in Riverdale NJ after the hike.