What types of FES devices are there?

There are FES devices for programmed by your clinician to stimulate the appropriate nerves and muscles in your leg to lift your foot and help you walk more naturally.  There is a device which adds a thigh cuff for greater control over bending the knee.  There is a wireless hand rehabilitation system to help patients regain the skills for reaching, grasping, opening and closing the hand. It supports the wrist in a functioning position, allowing the fingers and thumb to move efficiently. This may allow patients to regain hand function and get back to performing ordinary and essential activities of daily life.

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What is an FES device?

A Functional Electric Stimulation unit stimulates nerves and muscles to give the patient more natural movement and stability. It is often used for patients with stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and brain or spinal cord injuries causing foot drop.   It is worn around the calf to re-educate muscles to reduce muscle loss, increase local blood circulation and maintain or improve a range of motion.  Using advanced technologies, Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics will make sure each patient is fitted with the most suitable device for his/her needs.  Each unit is custom-programmed for the patient.

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