Marsha Danzig Yoga for Amputees - Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, Wayne NJIt’s been a while since we first wrote about Marsha Danzig, yoga instructor, trainer, dancer, choreographer and total inspiration.   Facing personal hardships such as a below the knee amputation at age 13 due to cancer and chemotherapy-caused kidney damage and eventual transplant, yoga became her bridge to connecting her physical and spiritual self and reach out to others who need to discover and reach their potential. You can read that entire post here.

Since that time, a LOT of exciting happenings have occurred.

Marsha now offers a program for women who are determined to reclaim the magic of life even if they are going through or have gone through serious or chronic illness, chronic stress or trauma, called the JOY Breakthrough. (

“understanding our blocks to JOY is so important BEFORE we can truly access our JOY even in the midst of stressful circumstances.”

Her Color Me Yoga website for Children’s Yoga classes is now fully up and filled with available Workshops, Trainings, e-courses and Private Consultations.  Color Me Yoga (CMY) began as a children’s yoga class in New England in 1999 when Marsha saw a need for preventative, early intervention yoga based programs for children to know and maintain their sense of value in the world.  She now offers training for healthcare professional to use yoga to help children manage pain, recover more quickly from surgery, decrease anxiety , stress, pain and suffering due to hospitalization and medical procedures, increase the healing process.Marsha-Danzig-yoga-practice-sunshine-prosthetics-and-orthotics-wayne-nj

Starting February 4th, she is offering an 8 week Yoga for Amputees (Y4A) online course for Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists, OT’s and PT’s.  Yoga for Amputees, the Book will be published in Spring 2016.  A new Yoga for Amputees Video will be available on Amazon in February of this year for rental or purchase.  You can check out all the latest updates on her website

And there’s still more!  In February, Marsha is offering a 28 Day Breathing Challenge to look and feel good. People can sign up via email- . The cost is $10.

The Wounded Warrior Project received Yoga training from Marsha last year and she hopes to continue her work with veterans.

We wish Marsha continued Joy, she is inspiring, motivating and dedicated.  You can reach out to her at

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