What is inspiration?  

Merriam-Webster defines inspiration asthe action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.”

Those with limb loss, and their families and friends have an ever-growing network of resources and support there to encourage and educate.  We’ve listed some of them on our Resource page and from time to time we will highlight them as inspirations.


“Anything that will help amputees enjoy all that life has to offer”

This month’s Inspiration is a new bi-monthly print magazine called Amplitude.  The preview issue is out and there is a free subscription available on their website  ( The table of contents shows why we are so excited about this new resource:

      • Amy Purdy: The star behind the scenes
      • Loving yourself again after limb loss
      • Tips for preventing injuries from falls
      • Getting help
      • Pain, pain go away (tips on pain relief)
      • You don’t have to face amputation alone
      • The UCO Endeavor games return with a splash
      • Turning your passion into the career of a lifetime
      • Calendars
      • Product and Services
      • Glossary

Back to Merriam Webster – Amplitude is defined as an extent or range of dignity, excellence, or splendor.  Perfect name for this publication and its mission.

“Amplitude will provide valuable news, information, and resources for amputees who want to live more fully,” said Tonja Randolph, president of AMG. [Amplitude Media Group] “It will offer content on a wide variety of topics, including peer support, active living, emotional issues, tips for daily living, health and wellness, mobility, and adaptive living—anything that will help amputees enjoy all that life has to offer. Unfortunately, there is still a significant lack of amputation-related information available, and only a small percentage of amputees are being consistently reached by existing amputation-related organizations and publications. Through AMG’s website, e-newsletter, print magazine, and other information products, we will strive to change that.”

Those living with limb loss know the value of a resource that helps them meet daily challenges and provides updated information on surgical techniques, wound care, orthotics and prosthetics and all else that makes daily living easier.  Amplitude is also receptive to suggestions from its readers on what kinds of information they want to see in upcoming issues.  You can interact with them via email (, Facebook:,  Linked-in: and Twitter:  @_Amplitude_ (don’t forget the underscores!)

For a free subscription, visit the Amplitude website at and click on the Free Subscription tab.