baby Charlotte Cleverley Bisman, 1 1/2 yrs old

baby Charlotte Cleverley Bisman

Charlotte Lucy Cleverley-Bisman was born in New Zealand in November of 2003,  during the New Zealand epidemic of meningococcal disease, a bacterial infection which can cause meningitis and blood poisoning.  Charlotte contracted the disease in 2004 and is believed to be the smallest baby to have survived not only the severe infection but the subsequent quadruple amputations as well.  She was nicknamed “Miraculous Baby Charlotte” by her fellow New Zealanders as a result of making headlines worldwide after recuperating from a series of life-threatening complications.

Now almost 10 years old, Charlotte is an active young lady, traveling to Camp No Limits yearly to reunite with friends and mentors and enjoy the sports and physical therapy made available by the Camp.  Brooke Artesi, owner of Sunshine P&O, who is also a volunteer mentor at Camp No Limits, says “Charlotte is an amazing and inspiring girl.  I’ve seen large jumps of improvement in her abilities over the years she’s been going there.”

Those large jumps of improvement are evidence of the go-for-it spirit of Charlotte and the support of her family and friends.

watch Charlotte Kayak at Camp No Limits with her mentor Cameron Clapp

watch Charlotte kayak at Camp No Limits with her mentor Cameron Clapp, a triple amputee – flying through the water!


charlotte cleverly racing video still

watch Charlotte, wearing game facepaint, racing at the Independence Games in NZ, which celebrate success, determination and fun!


“She needs access to things to make her able, and I ­find society can disable her,” says Pam Everly, Charlotte’s mother. “My job is to show society that, with a bit of imagination, she can be able.”  Pam was thrilled to have a custom-made bike designed and given to Charlotte by Variety – The Children’s Charity. It was made by Trikes New Zealand, which produces custom-made bikes for riders with disabilities.  With an unstoppable spirit and determination, Charlotte soon was ready for speed!

watch Charlotte on her new bike!

watch Charlotte on her new bike!

Young Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman, living life with determination, enthusiasm and high spirits – an inspiration.
You can learn more about Charlotte and her amazing spirit on her website