• Apple Chase Benefits Medical Foundation – Team Sunshine, representing Sunshine P&O, ran in the 21st Annual Apple Chase 5k in Pequannock on Oct. 15th, empasizing their belief in the importance of being active and facing challenges.  Wayne Today December 21, 2017 2017
  • Team Sunshine Runs for Community Health – “These outdoor activities are a great way to boost both mental and pysical health”, says Brooke Artesi.



  • Addressing an Amputee’s Fear of Falling – The microprocessor knee – designed to provide a more stable gait, using sensors and latest technology.  Free evaluation and consultation at Sunshine P&O.  On the Rise Publication October 2017



  • Making Sure the Shoe Fits – Pedorthist services at Sunshine – customizing shoes and inserts for foot pain or trauma due to diabetes, arthritis, vascular conditions or injuries.  On the Rise Publication August 2017

JULY 2017

MAY 2017






JULY 2016

MAY 2016

  • Building Your Business – O&P Almanac, May 2016 –  Industry recognition of Sunshine P&O as a leader in website, social media and blogging practices for the Prosthetics and Orthotics industry.

MARCH 2016



  • Brooke Artesi named O&P News 175 Innovator – “O&P News has announced Brooke Artesi, CPO, LPO, owner of Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC, is a member of its inaugural edition of the O&P News 175 – an elite group of 175 O&P professionals who O&P News has identified as leading innovators in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.”


  • Singlehandedly Shattering Myths and Stereotypes About Amputees –  “…more than 20 years since the accident, Artesi hasn’t allowed any of life’s challenges to slow her down. In fact, they’ve only seemed to push her harder toward achieving success… ‘While some people may try to hide their amputations, I’ve never really had a problem being myself. When someone treats me differently, or someone who isn’t a patient asks me personal questions, I simply ignore it.’ ” Amplitude, July/August

MARCH 2015


  • Sunshine Prosthetics & Orthotics Announces Facility Expansion for New Fabrication Services –Our team is so excited to be able to make the experience of having customized prosthetic and orthotic devices a more comfortable one for our patients.  This new space will save the patient much time and allow us to customize the fit of these devices, both prosthetics and orthotics included. ”; Orthotics/Prosthetics Business News; Wayne Today





OCTOBER 2013 –

  • Behind the Doors of Sunshine Prothetics and Orthotics – O&P Business News — “I started out as a technician and built [my career] slowly over the years, so I can do anything in my business on my own…I am the orthotist and the prosthetist and I can do everything from start to finish for fabrication” …


  • Wayne Team Conquers Triathlon – Wayne Magazine — “We formed the team to show the local community that disability is a challenge that you have to overcome like any other challenge, but you can still compete…

AUGUST 2013 –

JULY 2013 –

JUNE 2013 –

MAY 2013 –

  • New Business Helps Amputees Stay Active – Wayne Patch, May 20, 2013 – – Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics provides adults and children with artificial limbs the chance to play sports and outdoor activities…
  • Extremity Games May 2013 – Brooke Artesi won 2nd place Women’s Kayaking and 1st place in Rockwall Climbing.


  • Walking Art June 2012 – “Brooke Artesi’s fairing has a pattern of chrome and black swirls that gives her a Terminator look. ‘You’re not going to walk down the street in a Bespoke cover and someone go — oh that looks just like your real leg,’ she says. ‘No. It looks like a piece of artwork walking down the street.’ ”
  • Demarest 5k May 2012 – “Brooke Artesi of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, who lost her leg in a train accident and used sports to help her recovery, spoke to the youth gathered at the 5K and had some children fitted with prosthetic limbs so they could see what life was like for those missing their legs.”


Extremity Games is organized by Athletes with Disabilities Network (ADN), a subsidiary of Easter Seals – Michigan. Established in 2009, ADN’s mission is to promote a better quality of life by creating opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities. ADN organizes Extremity Games, as well as Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame, which recognizes and honors men and women who have overcome physical challenges to become elite athletes and superior role models.


  • Staying Fit With Limb Loss – inMotion magazine Jan/Feb 2010 “Artesi has some simple advice for folks who want to start exercising: Just do something. “We get patients in the clinic every day who haven’t done anything in years,” she says. “I tell them, just do something. Start slow. Just go take a walk around the block. Even if it’s just walking around the block, it may not seem like a lot, but even a little exercise can make a difference.”



  • Prothestics Center of Excellence News 2008 – “A lot (of amputees) do not choose the route that (Artesi) has chosen — to go further and do more. I can’t respond to what the motivation is, other than the desire to achieve, overcome and excel. This is just who she is.”