Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics in Wayne NJ

Specializing in custom devices

for physically challenged

adults and children


Operating in the Metro New York and New Jersey areas, at Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics  we value each adult and child patient and recognize their unique needs and potential for function and activity.

Outfitted with the latest technologies for customization, we offer

Prosthetic services

 Orthotic services

AFOs, KAFOs, Braces

Diabetic Wound Care

Post-mastectomy fittings

Functional Electric Stimulation Devices 

 Spinal Braces & Body Jackets


Completely digital office  ●  Inhouse Fabrication Shop  ●  Advanced technology

Innovative solutions

Compassionate care ● Personal attention

We are fully credentialed in Prosthetics by the State of New Jersey and by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Sunshine Prosthetics & Orthotics owner Brooke Artesi has specialized certifications to make Sunshine P & O the ONLY facility in Northern New Jersey with

We provide Orthotic services such as

  • cranial remolding and scoliosis bracing for children

  • carbon and custom AFO’s  (ankle-foot orthotics)

  • FES (functional electric stimulation) units such as Bioness and WalkAide.

  • Off the shelf sport bracing

  • wound care offloading devices

  • Diabetic Wound Care such as prosthetics, shoes, toe fillers, CROW Walkers.


State of the Art Technology

Omega Scanner 3D at Sunshine Prosthetics & Orthotics in Wayne NJ

Omega 3D Scanner at Sunshine Prosthetics & Orthotics


The OMEGA Scanner 3D uses structured light to create a 3D image. The scanned shape generates directly in the OMEGA software so your Sunshine P & O clinician may immediately see exactly what is captured. The structured light technology scans shapes at a faster rate with significantly less prep time than the lasers used by previous versions of the OMEGA Scanner, making the scan time shorter and more convenient for patients. The Omega Scanner 3D is used for prosthetic & orthotic applications including AFOs, & custom liners and test prosthetics.



Our  inhouse Fabrication shop allows Sunshine technicians to adjust and customize prosthetic and orthotic devices while the patient is in the office, instead of having to send it out for the work to be done and requiring a waiting time and additional visit for the patient.
new inhouse fabrication shop at Sunshine Prosthetics & Orthotics in Wayne NJ